I’m just a young buck in his 20s (uh, early 20s, of course) who doesn’t have much of anything important to say other than a bunch of bullshit, but nonetheless it’s bullshit on a blog, and for any of you bored enough to read my drivel (or ‘writing‘), I welcome you all with open arms and invite any and all kinds of discussion.

My hobbies/interests: ’60s-’70s rock and roll (among plenty of exceptions), sports (UFC, NBA, NFL, some MLB), cologne, nutrition, road trips, reading any kind of out there writing that I can get my hands on (if it’s riveting to me… all subjective), Dexter, Breaking Bad, Californication, Eastbound & Down, movies, caffeine, saturated fat, pro wrestling (yeah, I watched it as a kid and have recently started watching it again as of July 2010; deal with it, yo), and that’s about all my mind can cook up for the time being.

I’ve always been a writer at heart. Believe it or not, but trust me, I was actually a pretty decent writer a couple of years ago when I wrote more frequently. I’m still trying to regain the step I feel that I’ve lost, so bare with me.

I’m piecing my life back together after fucking it all up in 2010 and 2011 (indecision, pathetic mistakes, stagnant and stubborn attitude and mentality). This is my documented journey. Join along in the fun that is my future failures, my [hopeful] future successes and all the screwed up stories that will ensue along the way.

  1. thanks for your like, though I am now finding I can not stop scrolling and reading your blog…luckily I am home sick and it is better (much) than watching the jersey shore marathon on t.v. which is the only thing on in english. sad.

  2. David said:

    Hey just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the “like” on my blog. You are the first person in the wordpress community to like one of my blog posts. Happy New Year to you 🙂

  3. Madison Woods said:

    If your drivel is as riveting as your bio, lol, I’d say you’re doing great.

  4. kshama said:

    You still write well… maybe you never really stopped, but somehow got it into your head that you did. And, I say this after reading several of your posts. In fact, I wanted to put in the following comment on ‘Why do men have to be masculine?’ A little girl reportedly asked: ‘Why do I always have to shop from the ‘pink’ section, and the boys from the ‘blue’ one?’ Wish she could read your post; she’d find the answer there:-)

  5. Evienereal said:

    Aha! I love your posts. Its absolutely engaging and its hard to stop reading! I’m definitely following your blog.
    Do check out my other blog on music too! http://www.tapeandshuffle.wordpress.com

  6. Andaru Pramudito Suhud said:

    Thank you for the like, cheers from Indonesia. Its Nice to know that “real” people actually read my blog. Good stuff by the way. -aps

  7. thanks for the like brotha! Keep doing your thing and stay posted. We’re all in the same boat. Real talk!

  8. herndonjw said:

    Thanks, for the Like at Necessary Miscellany, man. I’ll be back by to check out your “drivel”. Take it easy!

  9. This was pretty funny, haha. You have a nice writing voice. And, as several other people have already commented saying, thank you for liking some of my blog posts 🙂

  10. Thanks for the like on my blog. Like yours too. True at 20 and true at my *cough* age.

  11. JT Easy said:

    Your writing is very honest and direct. I like that. Hang in there.

  12. You know, Life holds for us interesting lessons, and even the ones we like to think of in life as being failures or our mistakes, or the darkest moments I have found to be the most profound turning points in our lives.. If we never made an error in life, we would never grow from it or learn from it.. So I thank all of my darkest moments, and mistakes in life, For they made me who I am today..
    Keep on Writing what you Feel.. and let your intuition lead you to your true path.. follow your heart… not your head…and you will be supprised at what opens up before you ..
    Blessings sent your way and I know 2012 will grow even brighter… if you let your heart shine.. 🙂

  13. Rebecca said:

    Thanks for the “like” – appreciate it! I hear you on ’60s-’70s rock and roll, road trips and caffeine. Keep up the good work; look forward to checking in on your blog in the future. 🙂

  14. Glad I could find your blog… and glad to hear you have come back to writing. From what I’ve read so far – you have a talent. Looking forward to reading more.

  15. Hm — your writing still seems to be pretty sharp. I’m looking forward to reading more of it!

  16. Can’t believe you are in your 20s, you sound so mature for your age or may be I am immature lol.

  17. I like your style. You’re blunt but unoffensive. Keep writing, I’m sure the steps you think you’ve lost will show up again. It’s like riding a bike you never forget.

  18. livingforjackie said:

    thanks for your like on my blog. I enjoyed reading yours. I will be back to read more……and see what you have to say. Thanks again.

  19. Michael said:

    You sound like a cool guy, as well as relatable. I wish someone like you had been among my peers. I’ve enjoyed your drivel thus far. Keep up the great work.

  20. SG said:

    Really digging your blog 🙂 you’re really good, and an amazing writer which I really appreciate.

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