Hello 2015! Ciao, 2014!

I guess this is my annual update, so here goes.

In January 2013, I dubbed 2012 the “fastest year of my life”, but 2014 might have taken the cake. It genuinely feels like 2014 just began. That year flew by.

I made more progress in 2014 than I ever did in 2012 or 2013. I started dating my current girlfriend on August 3rd and I FINALLY went back to college (community college), and I finished the first semester by being on the Dean’s List with two As (history and public speaking) and two Bs (English and geology). Ugh, the only reason I didn’t get an A in English is because I skimped out on taking two quizzes on Oedipus Rex.

I graduated from high school back in 2009 and had originally started college later that year at the same community college, but things in my life got in the way and I completely stopped going! I was so stupid! Going back this past year, I had to file an appeal for financial aid, as I was on academic warning. All semester long, I was convinced I’d failed geology, and I even told my advisor I’d failed it, and was worried about my financial aid being taken away because of it, as I was informed I couldn’t make lower than a C, and somehow I made a B in that class, inexplicably! Life is pretty crazy sometimes, I guess, and good, positive curveballs like that are everything.

I’m happy with the way things are going. 2014 was far from perfect, though. I started getting daily headaches in March that I still deal with today. Without insurance, I had three doctor visits, did a sinus x-ray and a CT scan ($450 bucks) to no avail. A couple of lymph nodes on my neck have been swollen since September and so have my damned tonsils, and sleeping through the night has been a damn chore. Honestly, I think I had/have an infection, but I never got a proper round of antibiotics. I was once prescribed amoxicillin, but I found out after about five or six days that I’m allergic, so again, I never received a proper round of them to deal with the infection. One doctor (nurse practitioner) told me back in November that I should get my tonsils removed… uh, no, no thanks. I can’t afford it, and I believe the swollen tonsils are a result of the aforementioned infection not being properly taken care of, damn it.

But doctors/nurse practitioners alike won’t listen. They are there for the almighty dollar and couldn’t give a ripping shit about a patient one way or another. I’m pretty damn nerdy about nutritional science, just like I’ve always been in the past. I’m skeptical of doctors. I wasted my money on going a few months ago.

Stepping aside from that diatribe, everything’s good! It’d just be better if my tonsils would go back down, the headaches would permanently go away and if I could actually sleep throughout the night in full.

Happy new year to whoever is out there reading this. See you soon or… uh, next year.

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  1. tomroush said:

    I hear you – this year blasted past – some of it’s on my blog – but most is still simmering, waiting to be written. Best of luck on everything you’re trying to do, especially with school.
    Take care of yourself,

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