On Dallas Buyers Club and Mike Tyson’s Book, “Undisputed Truth”

I watched Dallas Buyers Club this morning and when I looked up the cast later this evening I was floored to see that the character Rayon was portrayed by Jared Leto. He was totally unrecognizable, and not only that, but he was fantastic in the role. I won’t allow him to bogart the credit, though — Matthew McConaughey was equally stunning in the lead role. (NOTE: I’ve been impressed with McConaughey over the last few years in some of his roles, like in Killer Joe (Killer Joe, as a movie, sucked! However, McConaughey played a convincing psycho that has caused me to never look at KFC the same ever again!), True Detective (him and Woody Harrelson had some uncanny chemistry on the screen! Great show!) and The Paperboy.)

It’s a damn good flick. I highly recommend it. What can I say that hasn’t already been said elsewhere? Take it from CKS and check it out. These days so many movies get lost in the genres of gimmicks, explosions, generic action pieces, novel-inspired romantic dramas, overdone superhero battles and remakes of the classics, so it now seems rare that we get my absolute favorite “genre”: a good story. I just want a good story to be told. And Dallas Buyers Club succeeded in that facet.

Speaking of stories, I have about 30 pages of Mike Tyson’s memoir/autobiography, “Undisputed Truth” left. What a ride. It’s been an exhausting read since I started it last Saturday. I say that because on every other page it seems like cocaine or coitus (hey, you can’t get any more sophisticated or politically correct than that word to describe intercourse, no?) with a woman or women is mentioned. He’s lived a crazy life. It’s a wild read, and makes me sad that I never got to go watch him fight in his prime (because I hadn’t even been born yet) and that he could have been a heavyweight champion for much longer than a little over three years had he never met Robin Givens or allowed that subhuman piece of shit Don King to make an impression on him. If only Cus D’Amato had lived longer and Tyson retained his original trainer, Kevin Rooney, along the years. It’s difficult to mention him in the same breath as Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier with good standing, but a 19-year-old Mike Tyson going up against a prime Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali would have been something special if we could go back and modify timelines and play around with decades and things like that.

“Undisputed Truth” is a hellacious read. I can’t relate to anything he’s written about, but maybe that’s why his story fascinates me, as I can learn something about another human being’s completely different upbringing and life.

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  1. I LOVED Dallas Buyers Club. I was surprised to see that Jared Leto played Rayon also! Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto were fantastic. I wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to win the Oscar for Best Male Lead from Wolf of Wall Street but I was perfectly fine with McConaughey winning because he was just straight up awesome in DBC.

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