You Are What You Say — Own Your Emotions

Self-fulfilling prophecies.

— “I’ll never get over my ex-girlfriend!”
Then you’ll never get over her. That’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.

— “I hate Richie Incognito!”
Then you are filled to the brim with hate.

— “God, my self esteem is so low and I’ll never find anybody that will love me!”
Then you won’t.

Own your emotions. You are the master of your own life, not your emotions. Don’t allow them to control you. What you say defines you. As Earl Nightingale said, you become what you think about. Everything you say is about you. Don’t like Chelsea’s jewelry or think that her skirt is ugly? That’s on you, that’s your thoughts, your opinion, from inside of you. You put those words in your mouth or your brain. You create them.

— “CKS, you make me so mad!”
I don’t make you mad. You make yourself mad. Own your emotions.

— “Well, Nancy Grace makes me mad, too!”
Nancy Grace doesn’t make you mad. You make yourself mad. Own your emotions. It’s not her problem; it’s a you problem.

The sooner you recognize the problem the closer you are to the solution.

But that’s not enough.

See the solution; conquer the problem.

Reframe. Adjust your mindset accordingly.

You will get over your ex-girlfriend because life is abundant. The world is abundant. With multiple people that you can and will connect with if you put yourself out there, smile and socialize. Richie Incognito is a jerk, but he’s not the first nor the last jerk out there, so don’t let his actions overtake your thoughts. Your self-esteem is low and nobody will ‘love’ you because you don’t love yourself enough to consciously make a change. I’m just a writer/blogger on the internet, so I don’t make you mad, I just write what I think and feel. Nancy Grace is a talking head with a platform to bloviate about whatever it is that she wants; she doesn’t make you mad — you make yourself angry by giving her the attention and ratings that spike her show.

See the solution; conquer the problem.

Mindset is everything. You define yourself with how you think, feel and what you say.


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