Admitting the Jackassery!

2013 is here! Yeah! That’s fake enthusiasm, by the way. Not to sound pessimistic, but it’s another year in the life of CKS. At the same time, on an optimistic note, it’s another year that I’m thankful to be alive and to have people around me that love me whom I love back. Thanks.

It’s safe to say that 2012 was the fastest year of my life. It flew by. It feels like yesterday was February 2012. I was posting a lot last January and lost track of the blog. I became lazy and scarcely updated. I lost contact with everyone that I talked to from WordPress, and that was wrong of me to do. Yep, just admitting the jackassery on my behalf.

2012 was an OK year, with a dark spot. My grandmother — the only grandparent I had left — passed away in June. While on a trip with my aunt, she fell and could barely get around afterwards. She acted normal for a few days. We (as in the family) noticed a bruise on her leg and thought it might be  a blood clot, so a few of my folks took her to the hospital to see what was up. They had her in there for two weeks, and when she checked out, she was never the same. That occurred in early April. She was 80 when she passed. Her death certificate reads that she died of renal failure, but she was in so much pain due to other health issues. When she died, it was a family moment, as all of her grandkids including me stood around her (she was in the hospital during this time as well). She always loved going on trips around town, or even road trips. She loved puzzle books… and Bob Barker! I miss her a lot. Christmas wasn’t the same without her.

Christmas wasn’t the same, period. Moving onto more of a comical note, we (again, da’ family) spent Christmas with my cousin’s husband’s mother… well, to be more specific, at her place. She lives alone, in a house that’s way too damn big for one person, and she’s the kind of woman that attempts to outclass everyone by having ‘better’, ‘nicer’ and more ‘expensive’ items. It was a boring Christmas and we didn’t have dinner until nearly 7 in the evening. I was starving, and the food sucked balls (dry ham, dry turkey, mediocre mashed potatoes*… but the green bean casserole was delicious!).

(NOTE: GREAT mashed potatoes includes four sticks of butter. I wish I were joking!)

I hope everybody had a nice 2012 and that the first week of 2013 has brought them peace & happiness.

  1. Nice to hear you’re alive. Sorry about the shit time hon. Not cool at all xo

    • CKS said:

      I suck at replying! Hope you’ve been well!

  2. I missed you CKS! It was weird that a year ago you were commenting on my blog posts about graduation/senior year of high school anxiety and here I am half way done with my first semester in college! Hope you’re doing well. I missed your awesome writing.

    • CKS said:

      I really, really suck at replying (as I was telling lifeinthefarcelane) ~~ So now, you’re what, a sophomore in college and almost done with that year? Time sure does fly. I trust that all is well!

      • Yeah, I can’t believe I’m a sophomore in college and when we “met?” (haha) I was a senior in high school. So crazy. Time really does fly and it’s scaring me.

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