Nostalgia is a Bitch by the Name of Nidia

The summers of 2008 and 2009 were magical, for me. Hell, the year 2009 itself was an incredible year for yours truly. I look back and fondly reminisce over the memories that were made and the times spent with people I thought would be around in my life forever.

I sat out on my porch yesterday evening with my legs propped up, relaxing and enjoying the pre-summer weather (my favorite at that time of the day). Days like yesterday are ones that remind me of old times. The sun shines, the atmosphere is warm and the mood is bright. Things kinda felt exactly like they did three years ago.

Except the same people aren’t around.

As the title denotes, nostalgia is a bitch by the name of Nidia.

A lot of people spend every iota of their time clinging to the vestiges of the past, what was and what never will be again. They spend minutes, hours, days, weeks and months thinking about the old during the present as time ensues, blasting towards the future. Those same people wake up one day and wonder where the hell time went, all the while their minds remain tuned into years from the past.

I’ve been like that. Not as much as before, but yesterday I was. Scenery and scents can drive one’s memory to old times. Yesterday smelled like the summers of 2008-2009.

Bittersweet, bittersweet memories.

  1. An excellent piece of writing! An occasional momentary thought of the past triggered by a sight or smell or song is fine but we need to remain in the present with an occasional glance forward. I enjoyed reading your post very much.

  2. CKS – I too have spent time looking back – and writing about it. You did a really good job on this one. I had an aha moment awhile back that I wrote about here: – it took me some more words to get to where I was going, but it amazes me when the light comes on. Good luck to you as you keep looking forward, and learning from the past.

  3. I think everyone at some points in their lives dwell in the past.. held in the prison of memory.. not wanting to let go.. as they hold on to love, regret, or some sadness.. And it takes courage to admit that we need to let go.. and move forward.. for while ever we hold onto the past.. we stop ourselves from entering the flow of life.. Change has to happen for us to move and grow..
    But its good now and again to look back as a fragrance brings back a memory or two.. But then we just have to say thank you as we let that fragrance drift on by….. as we move forward to the next.. Good Luck in your Moving Forward… 🙂

  4. Must be the weather for it, I had a nostalgic moment 2 nights ago. Bitter sweet is good, beats bitter. Nice to see you’re alive 😉 Oh and I rather like the comment about “saying thank you to the fragrance and move on” posted by Sue D, that is great advice.

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