Everything You Say is About You

Everything you say is about you.

Every word you say invokes a meaning, pulls a context, nurtures a frame.

Saying “nice” puts you in the nice frame, “problem” makes you the problem, “happy” pulls the happy, “struggle” makes you struggle. Calling somebody a “loser” puts the “loser” word in your mouth, saying “sorry” makes you a sorry person, saying something is “delicious” makes you part of the delicious reality.

You might think you are talking about external subjects, but you are always the subject, you are the one carrying the meaning, the one choosing to perceive, to connect the dots, the one elaborating, pouring it out.

Every time you pronounce a word, you trigger a process that gives the world a piece of you, and asks the world to give you back that same thing.

Just like when a kid says “milk” and he gets it.

Everything you say is your signature, every word is your epitaph.

  1. Neeks said:

    Interesting, I hadn’t thought of it this way but you’re right. Is the coffee too hot? “I” think it is, another might not. This was certainly food for thought, “I” thought 🙂

  2. Makes me think twice (or more) times before opening my mouth. Well put.

  3. Sophia said:

    Well said. 🙂

  4. Kindfofo said:

    Love that, it’s absolutly 100% true.

  5. Spoken or unspoken, words draw mirrors of reality to our presence.

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