Confidence is Overrated

Confidence is overrated.

Confidence is just another word for repetition and skill.

You don’t need confidence — you need action, and then you need to repeat the action until you feel confident about what you are doing.

Courage is overrated.

Courage is just a word for doing things that scare other people, but not you.

You don’t need courage — you need to do small things that scare you a little, until they do no more.

Somehow, everyone thinks they need to be confident and courageous BEFORE doing anything, like they could amass confidence and courage on the mirror and then trade them for results.

It works the opposite way.

I could write forever about this, and I probably will.

  1. xanderturian said:

    Pro activity, I like it…

  2. I like this. Do small things that scare us until they do no more.
    Were we not afraid, we would never know courage or confidence. Courage and confidence come from work through fear and uncertainty, it isn’t the lack of them.

  3. Step by step… eliminating the fear that binds me to mediocrity.

  4. “you need to do small things that scare you a little, until they do no more.”

    Is it so bad that this reminded me of an ex ..


  5. kianys said:

    Not 100% in agreement – imo when active w/o confidence in my actions, I become hesitant – Hesitance (in my case linked to questioning yourself) can lead to other people in turn losing confidence in you.

    Obviously you need to take a leap of faith at some point in order to gain confidence (so in some ways it is a bit of a hen / eggs thing), but I wouldn’t want to agree with you wholeheartedly

    It’s been my experience that achievements can oftentimes be linked directly to your own representation of yourself (obviously, if you are a good enough actor you can fake it till you make it; I’m not! And I don’t aspire to be one either) – the more confident I am / appear, the more (positiv) impressions I’ve made on others, thus the more confident I ultimately became.

    Thanks for sharing this

    🙂 K.

    • kianys said:

      oh and last thought – imo – confidence is not just another word for repetition and skill – I have met many people who objectivly ace at what they are doing and have been doing it basically all their lives and still lack confidence.

      Confidence is more of steadfast belief in your abilities that can be formed and increased by repetition and skill, but it’s not necessarily linked

      just my 2 cents

      🙂 K.

  6. I agree. It’s like saying that only someone with muscles can lift weights.

  7. Janet said:

    Thanks, this will help me in my teaching class this weekend. 😉

  8. Stop theorizing and take some action . . . . Always the best advice. Great post.

  9. Is believing in yourself the same as having confidence? Is courage always missing fear?

  10. Carry on then, write more. So many levels and things in life as a person to develop confidence with too.

  11. Love and I Do said:

    haha this is great!! touche!!

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