Instructions to get out of Pavlov’s machine

1.) Pay attention to yourself when you are under stress, and check for dissonant/involuntary responses.

2.) Decide what your new default response is going to be. Decide to ditch all the other responses.

3.) Practice the stress situation until the new response is fixed. Go back to #1.

In other words, decide what’s going to be your response to any given stimuli, and make it natural.

In other words, reframe everything and be nonreactive.

In other words, decide your own reality.

In other words, you are your actions. As long as your behavior is based on reaction, the matrix has you.

  1. Just signed up for private kick boxing classes as my #2 (new) response. Because my first response is to drink and eat and hide from the world. I so wish I was one of those women who starved herself when stressed.. make life so much simpler 😉

    And for all the classes are not cheap, even if I go every 2nd night, it’ll be cheaper than what I spend on wine and champagne!

  2. Woof … break old habits, ring that bell 🙂 Funny trick, put your toothbrush on the other side of your vanity. See how long it takes you to slip back into reaching in the old direction.

  3. LoveyLauren69 said:

    Cheers to this post and more people doing this in their lives. Such an indescribable feeling to finally be in control of your actions, and most importantly, your reactions.

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