Be and Don’t Worry

Be and don’t worry.

Try just speaking to everyone and turning everyone into you. At the gym, school, work, park, bookstore, bar, wherever you are, draw people into you. Turn up the tease.

Don’t pay attention to their attractiveness or face value. Let this become your new way of dealing with people. When you are in with one other person or group, feel free to call strangers in and make them part of the conversation.

If you are in ‘on’ mode, people will start approaching you as well.

This helps so much to remove the agenda that causes ‘approach anxiety’. Once you talk to everyone, someone that’s interesting is just another person that you talk to. And because you talk to so many people that one person’s reaction doesn’t matter anymore… Voila! Goodbye hanging onto the outcome and the resulting rejection/bitterness if it’s not the outcome desired. There is no ‘desired’ outcome anymore.

So, befriend everybody.

  1. Brilliant– I broke out in hives talking to a sales rep yesterday, so I’m going to attempt this new philosophy — thanks.

  2. ilsa said:

    Yes yes yes I speak to strangers regularly and love people as they are. The response is most often as though I am strange and bothering their space. People have told me not to ” make any new friends “! I am gladdened Baby your Post

  3. Coincidentally, I was just telling my husband that in my old age, I love strangers. Everybody that I randomly meet seems to be interesting and someone I want to know better. Although, I am sure once you really get to know a person there are a lot of obstables that you must overcome to be able to appreciate that person to the fullest extent – but – a stranger does not have those barriers. If we give our best side to a stranger – we will get their’s in return. That’s what is so great about talking to strangers!

  4. I used to listen to this song every morning my first year of college. I like to think it helped me stay positive. I know that it annoyed the shit out of my roommate. I didn’t like him. We weren’t roommates after that… Thanks Bobby…

    And thanks CKS for checking out my blog.

  5. That is the greatest idea, I just might make a point of doing that! People are always telling me that I look grumpy or unapproachable, but I’m actually really friendly. Perhaps I just need to get into the habit of showing that!

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