Best & Worst. Tick, Tock.

I woke up this morning, and my eyes hurt. The sun beat down on the snow on the ground, meeting my eyes through the blinds surrounding the window, consequently blinding me.

I stood up and made my way to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, a morning ritual. I looked outside once more, as the sun relentlessly attacked my eyes. It’s a familiar scene.

The same familiar scene that’s been happening since the beginning of time. Before you. Before me. Sunshine reflecting off of snow.

Soon enough, it will be dark. This day will be over. Another day gone by. 24 hours of your life effaced.

We are all, at some point, victims — prisoners — of our individual mind and the thoughts that it emanates.

On our best days, we — one, you — feel chirpy, indulging in our environment and embracing the materials around us, feeling an aura of confidence as we shine with the sun. We still ignore the moment, the chance to build on something greater, to accomplish, to utilize time to grow and emerge from yesterday’s pit.

Tick. Tock.

On our worst days, we — one, you — resist the active choice to be happy, focusing on wanting to be happy instead of making it happen. The sun will shine off of the snow. Your eyes will burn. It hurts, and your mind is full of fuck. You will not indulge in the environment and will likely ignore the materials around you. Your only comfort zone is your likely destination, but your mind is filled with incessant pessimism, a natural reaction to the lack of balance you have self created. You ignore the moment, the chance to stop wasting your time with trivial sadness, to rise above the temporary sadness and evolve your outlook.

Tick. Tock.


I see my past patterns. A circle of despair. Lingering mental questions regarding indelible past events. Mental exhaustion, fatigue, a foolish use of energy.

Grow or die. Be or be not. Something or nothing. Subsist or resist.

Your life is your domain. Free yourself from your mental dungeon. Create your own purpose by being, or allow yourself to be swallowed by negative subconsciousness. Your choice. Your life. Your domain.

  1. kianys said:

    Beautifully written! 🙂 K.

    • CKS said:

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. ilsa said:

    You are right about everything
    I reposted part of your blog and want to give you part of everything
    We should Skype soon

  3. Very inspiring. So glad you found my blog, because it led me to yours. Many thanks.

  4. Great, thoughtful post. Your visit to my blog today led me to this post..and funny how it seems we were writing the same thoughts from opposite views. Something or nothing. Your choice.

    Right on. Enjoy your day today.


  5. jenjynxx said:

    i dont think you could have nailed it any better.
    its like you read my mind. amazing writing by the way.

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