The Hokies make me want to drink

I’m a fairly big Virginia Tech Hokies football fan. Every Spring, me and a couple of my buddies make the drive to Blacksburg to kick back and enjoy the Spring game. Subsequently, seven months later, we find ourselves going out to one of the featured ESPN Thursday night Hokies games.

It’s a ritual. It’s fun. It’s football.

Tonight, the Hokies played in the Sugar Bowl against the Michigan Wolverines, in a game where everybody and their mother thought the Hokies didn’t belong.

The Hokies scored a touchdown (with a 2-point conversion) and had four field goals meet the middle of the uprights made by a third string kicker by the end of the night, but they lost 23-20 in overtime.

Special teams performance, a sketchy offensive gameplan and a defense that allowed Denard Robinson to toss up two ugly passes that were brought down for touchdown passes by a wide receiver named Junior Hemingway allowed the Wolverines to upend the Hokies.

I had to bring out a little bit of Sailor Jerry’s for that one (my favorite rum).

The Hokies manage to win nine or ten games a year against lower tier schools, but they consistently manage to win (the moral of my point). It doesn’t matter, however, if they make it to a bowl game and lose, because the media shakes their collective heads in disappointment as they try to dissect their performances, and fans across the country raise an eyebrow and say, “Uh, we’ve been saying this for years, Tech’s overrated and they just don’t belong!”

Well, I want them to belong, damn it! I’m just not sure when they are going to show it with a win.

There’s only three months until the Spring game. I can’t wait.

Maybe next year…

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  1. Gabe said:

    If you can figure out a way to emotionally detach let me know! Every year I promise to invest less of myself, then every year we reel off 6,7,8 + wins in a row and I start thinking “Have we finally turned the corner?” And then there’s January 😦

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