Love, Boundaries and Change

A few concise thoughts before I go to bed…

Somebody told me something very brief that makes a lot of sense: “Mind refuses change. The trick is to change anyway“. Remember that.

Love is strength.

Weakness is weakness.

Love does not equal ‘pedestal’.

Pedestal is pedestal. Pedestal works with hate as well.

Love is love.

Love is good.

Just because you are prone to give the best of yourself to other people doesn’t mean you are destined to take their crap. Get stronger boundaries, then love them all freely.

  1. Thanks for your ‘like’ on my latest post btw, as pathetic of a post as it was 🙂 I was checking out some of your entries and I love your stuff.. the last snippet of this post especially. I also read on your ‘who’s the writer’ bio that 2010/11 you’ve kinda geared off course as a writer and been kinda fucked up….glad to see I’m not alone in that…lol

  2. I have some thoughts on this one but have been drinking for 2 hours so am not gonna there just yet … ;O)

  3. wil329 said:

    Also doesn’t mean that they’re going to give you their best. Or, that their best, which they might give, will be good enough.

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