The Doors, Jim Morrison and Sexual Energy

There’s no hyperbole or exaggeration about the 1960s being a decade of drugs, sex and debauchery.

While the Beatles and other pop bands emulating them were constructing songs about peace and happiness, the Doors were dark, raunchy, mysterious and completely fucked up.

Jim Morrison, one of the most controversial and intriguing rock icons ever, lead man of the Doors, was the epitome of sex in the late ’60s. The self-styled Lizard King wore tight leather pants that emphasized his crotch for most live performances.

In his heyday, all the men wanted to be him and all the women wanted to sleep with him. Let’s face it: Jim Morrison was the quintessential American rockstar as well as the ultimate sex symbol. He preferred that The Doors played in arenas rather than the outdoors so that the sound of his voice as well as the noise of the instruments would reverberate off the walls… Jim welped unholy screams from the other side of the universe.

The amount of charisma he naturally carried in his Lizard-swaying aura drove women crazy. Mr. Mojo Risin’ already had a svelte figure, yet he wore tight leather pants to essentially show off his package. This added to the raunchiness of live performances and coerced scrutiny from older generations who were not yet acceptable of such behavior in the 1960s.

During the studio recording of “You’re Lost, Little Girl”, there was a part of the song where the band wanted Jim to soften his voice for, but because his voice was too deep for the part, an idea presented itself: Pamela Courson, Jim’s on-and-off girlfriend during the final years of his life, came in and gave him a blowjob while he performed that part of the song.

The Doors even covered bluesy-rock classics like “Back Door Man” (which was originally written by Willie Dixon and performed by Howlin’ Wolf) and Jim Morrison, being a huge fan of blues, implemented an intended but subliminal sexual double entendre in the song because of his affinity for the female derriere and thus anal sex. The song wasn’t written about anal sex. Originally, a “Back Door Man” is a man who’s having an affair with a married woman… and when her husband comes home, the man leaves via the back door.

Morrison took that meaning and combined it with a raunchy undertone. If you listen to and watch the performances of the Doors on YouTube, you’ll notice Morrison’s sexual grunts, exaggerations of the lyrics “The men don’t know, but the little girls understand, now don’tcha darlin’… allllll right, YEAH!”

In the Doors’ performances of “When the Music’s Over”, Jim would yell, “Alllllll right now, fuck her in the ass!” after the first couple of lines of the song before the band commenced a thunderous jam of music that reverberated beautifully throughout arenas.

Notice Jim’s movements and aloofly mysterious, wordy and poetic vibe. The LSD and the alcohol took its toll on him, but he was confident and had an extreme gravitas to his stature whenever he said a word.

Back Door Man/Five to One

Love Me Two Times (song starts at about 1:39)

Robby Krieger’s eclectic guitar skills with John Densmore and Ray Manzarek jamming in the background, with the sounds showcased at about 53 seconds in of Summertime/St. James Infirmary:

The music, the lyrics, the versatility, the hard rock, the blues… I could listen to almost every song all night and not be tired of The Doors. When their self-titled debut album released in early January 1967, it was the hardest rock out there. The song Hello, I Love You from the album “Waiting for the Sun” was played during the ‘creation’ of many eventual babies (if you catch my drift). And while the album “The Soft Parade” was highly criticized for its time, I believe it was the apex of the band’s creativity.

Every album they released was beloved because, of a few of the many reasons, each one maintained a staying power, consistently being different than the others while still containing remnants of Jim Morrison’s poetry scattered throughout almost every song except the ones guitarist Robbie Krieger wrote.

Jim Morrison had a crazed obsession with three things: 1.) reading, 2.) writing poetry, 3.) the blues.

He allegedly had an IQ of 149 (anything above 133 is considered ‘genius’) and constantly read writings penned by the likes of Friedrich Nietzsche, Aldous Huxley, William Blake, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Jean-Paul Sartre, William Burroughs and a hell of a lot of other writers. At one point in time during his college years, he forewent food in order to buy books to read. An unhealthy obsession to become overly pedantic — knowledge is everything, my friends.

The Lizard King had an acute interest in Blues. The Doors covered a myriad of songs that were first made famous by several famous blues artists like Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Albert King and Willie Dixon, among the many others. Jim was on a one man mission to become the greatest white blues singer of all-time.

The song Back Door Man, which was written by Willie Dixon and performed by Howlin’ Wolf, was covered by The Doors on their debut album. The meaning of the term “back door man” is a man who has sex with another man’s wife and leaves through the back door before the woman’s husband returns (as mentioned earlier).

Jim Morrison had a passionate affinity for having anal sex with women, as he was an ‘ass man’, so he took the song and added a double entendre to it by the welps, yells and screams he emitted while performing the song with raw, powerful, dark and raunchy sexual energy under the auspices of anal sex.

Morrison had many romantic interests during his 27 years of life… among them was Pam Courson, a female that he’d been in and out of love with. She did not agree with his  preference for anal sex because of her slim figure which caused an inability to take him ‘back there’. Nonetheless, Morrison was never short of rendezvous and sexual excursions for his anal ‘outlets’ with women who jumped at the opportunity to boink the Lizard King.

Jim Morrison was a leader. During one of The Doors’ first performances at the Hollywood Bowl, the guy who announced the band announced them as “Jim Morrison and The Doors”. This enraged Morrison, and he explicated his plight by grabbing hold of the announcer’s collar and demanding that he introduced the group as The Doors. The announcer complied.

That’s the kind of gravitas Jim Morrison had.

He was also controversial. During one of his arrests, he had been fooling around with a girl backstage before a cop, whom did not recognize Morrison or who he was, maced Morrison in the eyes for not complying to his pleas to stop having public sex after Morrison’s “Hey man, chill out…” requests. Afterward, while on stage Jim verbally lashed out a horde of insults directed toward the cop, calling him a pig in a piggy uniform.

At a 1969 concert in Miami (dubbed the Miami Incident or Dade County Incident by many), he was under the influence of a heavy amount of LSD and not before long was arrested for nudity after excessively referring to the crowd as a bunch of slaves (to society).

Afterwards, in a soundstage performance of Back Door Man, Jim made a reference to Dade County by telling them to “suck dick”. Here’s the performance, and you can hear him say it at 2:52-2:56:

When Jim and Pam flew to Paris in March 1971, Morrison wanted to get away from all the fame and stress. He wanted to reset from all the bullshit. Hell, he never even wanted to be known as a rockstar or a sex symbol — he wanted to be known as a writer and poet, and always maintained that being dubbed otherwise was a misnomer to who he was.

During his last night alive, there’s controversy and conspiracy still circulating the web today, as well as bullshit rumors about him still being alive. Only a couple of people were there for Jim’s funeral and they all died before the 1980s. Nobody in the world, besides those people, knew about Morrison’s death until he’d already been buried, but I digress.

It’s been nearly 41 years since Jim Morrison died. He was going in and out of consciousness in a bathtub.

When he died, he raised a smile.

(NOTE: I repeated myself a few times, and it’s because I actually wrote this last year on a different blog, and have since deleted the old blog and saved what I wrote above. However, this post was originally two different blog posts — one about Jim Morrison, and the other about The Doors and sexual energy. I combined the two for CKS.)

  1. Interesting…didn’t know the back story (sorry, couldn’t help the pun) on some of his vocal stylings (so to speak). I’ve a bit of a penchant for Jim, more for his work on An American Prayer, & obsession with Rimbaud. Read this a few months ago, thought you may enjoy (though about his poetics, not sexual prowess) , cheers ~

  2. Reason 368 I shake my head at the artists thrust at us today. I like this. Thank you for taking the time to send me back to an era I didn’t even exist in.

    • Denise said:

      What a pile of bullshit. Jim did not want to be a sex symbol yet he strutted (disturbingly hot) out on stage looking like a greek godchild king poet gift to all women and wearing tight leather pants, most beautiful hair flowing sexy hot stares mommy nurtured love smile singing about mr. mojo risin? Who’s back are you urinating down saying he did not like being a sex symbol? He knew what he liked and he had the looks power and motivation to use his hot assets for himself. Jim extrapolated every ounce of juice out of his fast life and will always be the king. He did not sit on his life waiting for change. He came at life with an unstoppable look in his eye and an will no person could shake. Jim Morrison was is and always will be the hottest sexiest gorgeous poet to ever grace my baby blues. I love that bitch.

      • bob said:

        Well, I don’t think he wanted to be a sex symbol…I think he just sort of took it as it came. I mean hell, the man sang about doing just that: “Take it easy baby, take it as it comes,”…

  3. Angela said:

    I think theres a lot of myth surrounding his personality, anyway he was human, with a lot of dark places inside. He was terribly bad as couple, he treated girls like shit, and anyway, maybe is reasonable with a lot of stupid chicks trying to sleep with him every f… hour of every f… day….. I love him and hate him, as every rock star I admire. An interesting artist, a really hard person to treat, inmature and hedonistic…. it was not too smart in several aspects, he had everything and was so unhappy and trying to destroy himself… it happens a lot in the 1st world….. Anyway just a myth, in my imaginations and day-dreams he’s really nice and polite, a gentleman 🙂 Just a dream, it doesn’t take much….. ♥

  4. Poor Jim…His father was in charge of the fleet at the bay of tonkin incident 1964…check this one out if you want verification because since I have been posting people about it, the powers that be changed the facts on the relevant internet sites….
    As well as his old man being partly responsible for starting the vietnam war, I truly do believe that Jim used his fathers’ position to get him and his UCLA cohorts off the draft.
    Singing ‘The Unknown Soldier’ must have given that bonehead a real kick. I truly hope he rots in hell with his father.

    • Chiara said:

      I hope he does not rot in hell. His poetry never will FOR SURE. You idiot!

      • Ralph Essex said:

        I guess you would have lined up to fuck the war dodger. His poetry smelled of shit.

      • CKS said:

        I love retards on the internet, like you.

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