In the Air Tonight

Music brings people together. Isn’t that an axiom now? I don’t care what kind of genre it is — if there are fans, aren’t the fans connected in some way?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder — so is music to the ears of a listener. Though specific types of music were restricted to each culture due to non-availability of expressions like the radio, FM, TV, etc., today it is difficult to say that any culture listens only to its own music. The phenomenon of music plays on the strings of the hearts of people across the world, and is creating a universal song. Until we come across a robotic trend in human beings that listen only to a set music, pure music will carry on strumming the strings of emotion and create a fusion. It’s difficult to pinpoint and drop the baton and to say how it brings together the people of the world, across cultural barriers.

If the above sounds like a bunch of cryptic, over-complicated bullshit, then well, get this: I rocked out with TO this past weekend (my de facto brother, lifelong best friend, the dude that I’ve always gotten into crazy situations with) as we took a trip to Roanoke, VA to delve into quite a bit of unruly debauchery and uninhibited escapades.

On a road trip, the people involved generally pig out on unhealthy junk food (another axiom) as you drive on highways. We had ourselves a heap of caffeine — a few SPIKE energy drinks, Perky Jerky (caffeinated beef jerky; allegedly no MSG/nitrates, high protein), BioFuel popcorn (yep, caffeinated popcorn) and Skittles (not the original, but the Crazy Cores in the orange packs — they are a phenomenal choice for junk food). Keep in mind… this was all consumed after a trip to IHOP. I tore down one order of the cinnamon pancakes and one order of the strawberry banana pancakes. TO tore down a T-bone steak, eggs, toast, two pancakes and a cup of coffee. Yeah, we are irresponsible motherfuckers, but it’s all good, because we do a pretty good job at pretending to know exactly what we are doing.

Remember the scene in Miami Vice when In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins was first used in the television series? I believe it was the very first episode of the show (obviously before my time, but I’m a pop culture buff, so I’ve delved into my fair share of research including [but not limited to]: watching every episode of the show… yeah, that’s what I did), when Crockett and Tubbs first teamed up, and they’re driving down the streets of Miami and those famous beats start hitting your eardrums and you just know that shit’s real? Yeah, that was Miami Vice, and it was fucking amazing (I love using expletives to emphasize and drive my thoughts home).

I’ve always wanted to do that — to be like Don Johnson and drive down the city of Miami at night, like a total badass, you know? Hell, I already do that whenever I listen to the song when I’m driving out and about, but man, I’m part of the wrong generation — I completely missed out on the Don Johnson era, and I’m pissed off.

Needless to say, one day I’m going to make a video similar to this next one. It’s not a New Years resolution, but more of something I could put on my bucket list.

Even the part where Crockett calls his soon to be ex wife (in the middle of a divorce) and asks her if what they had was real, now I go back and watch that in the above video and think, “Awesome”, because I asked my ex girlfriend (same one that I’ve written about, obviously) not too long ago, “We had something that was unbelievable, right? Am I crazy or were the first couple of years just a facade?” Man, in hindsight, I felt like Don Johnson. Heh! I must be the only guy in my generation who considers Sonny Crockett AKA Don Johnson to be Da’ Man.

(NOTE: Embedding is apparently unavailable in the video above, but I’d like to ask you to follow the link to YouTube and watch the video!)

TO and I were flying down I81 doing the air drumming in unison to “In the Air Tonight”. To say that it wasn’t an ‘epic‘ part of the late Friday night would be a bullshit lie.

We delved into a bit of Pink Floyd and a carousel of bluesy Led Zeppelin hits. We air drummed to Zeppelin’s version of “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” (arguably — arguing with myself — my favorite song ever) as if we were John Bonham at about the 2:21 mark. We let the Black Keys loose and listened to “Your Touch”, “I Got Mine”, “Howlin’ For You” and other hits. We perpetually listened to the Doors’ “Backdoor Man”, “Roadhouse Blues” “Love Her Madly”, “Love Me Two Times”, “Riders on the Storm”, “LA Woman” and the obvious… “Crawling King Snake”.

We drove through a valley in between mountains at unsafe speeds (subjective as to what one might consider ‘unsafe’, really) while listening to Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” and KISS’s “Love Gun”. Don’t let me forget about the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”.

Hell, we even listened to some Sugar Ray, because it reminds us of our childhood.

By the end of the trip, we found ourselves listening to late ’80s/early ’90s hip hop.

The weekend was great. We had a lot of fun, despite the inevitable hangover that ensued. We had Shonda (one of the girls) show us around Roanoke, and the excuse we used to party for New Years was to celebrate her acceptance into a local law school. Good food, attractive girls and welcoming the new year that is 2012 with a little bit of debauchery on the side. It was good to kick stress to the curb for a little while to live it up with my broski, a couple of old friends and new friends.

While inebriated, we had music playing.


It brought us — the group as a whole — together.

Never underestimate the power of music, my friends. Listen to it, embrace it, love it and never deny the opportunity to check out a new song.

I can’t wait until the next road trip.

  1. There really is something incredible about “In The Air Tonight”. Everytime it comes on, it’s so quiet at first you have to really crank it up. Once everything fully kicks in, it is so loud, but you don’t turn it down, because it rocks. 🙂 So yeah, I get where you are coming from. 😉

  2. There really IS something about music that brings people together… music can take you back to a memory in an instant or reach in and touch your soul like nothing else. Music is such a passion of mine and I love it!

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