Degraded in the transaction

Somehow, everyone thinks it’s safer and easier to do something they don’t want to do, get paid for something they don’t really feel like doing.

Somehow, everyone thinks it’s riskier and harder to do what they love and get money out of it.

We have been pushed to a point where we only feel good about getting paid if we are being degraded in the transaction.

  1. Crazy but true! it makes sense when you lay it out on the table like that. It scares even me to venture off and do exactly what I want to do. So I sit and complain about what I am doing. This inspires me! thank you

  2. I agree, so what I try to do is balance the two. I’ve recently self-published a novel and I continue to write others. I have not, however, quit my day job which I’m not always a fan of. The one makes the other palatable.

  3. eof737 said:

    Gosh I hope not all of us… but sadly true! 😉
    ♥Happy ♥New ♥Year ♥ ! 🙂

  4. I prefer not to be degraded. =) However, I do think that fear and poverty will go a long way in making a paycheck worth some suffering even for those who care about what they do.

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