Hating Tim Tebow

For the past three years, I’ve been trying to embrace Tim Tebow. Ever since the game Florida lost to Ole Miss that featured Tebow’s teary-eyed, emotionally fueled promise to “be the very best”, I’ve been trying my damned best to not throw up.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the guy’s passion for the game of football or ability to lead or his unabashed devout beliefs in God. I have no problem with any of that, and I respect Tebow for standing up for his beliefs and displaying leadership on the football field.

The sports media can drive you up and down a wall. Once upon a time, I used to have dreams of becoming a sports journalist, then I realized that I hated every popular sports journalist that was on TV or on ESPN.com, so I quickly dismissed that desire. When you have ESPN propagating Tebow as a celestial, preeminent being, it’s time to turn the damn TV off. But when it comes to sports, you can’t ignore it — he’ll be forced in your face on ESPN.com, Sports Illustrated’s website as well as any pro football websites.

I don’t think the guy is that good of a passer, either. He’s in his second year and he’ll be heading to his third next year, but he is what he is. He should be on his way to getting better, but again, Tim Tebow is what he is. He’s an emotionally charged leader who has the ability to influence his teammates in an absolute positive way. We’ve seen this Tebow magic work seven times this season, although the media has barely given any credit to the Denver Broncos’ running attack or defense.

Tebow has made most of his magic happen in the fourth quarter, with defenses playing soft coverage (or simply weak coverage) on wide receivers that’s given Tebow the opportunity to throw easy passes right into their mitts. I watch Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees every week, and you can watch how defenses practically suffocate their respective receivers, and these dudes (just an example) still find a way to get the ball to a point where their receivers can reel it in.

I’m not hating on Tebow — I’m really not. He’s a genuinely good guy, and he’s a hard worker. The NFL is missing both kinds of players today. Most guys take their millions of dollars, invest it into a shitload of material goods, flash it in front of a bunch of downtrodden whores at the clubs’ eyes and get into a myriad of trouble (DUI, anybody? Pacman Jones? Sam Hurd?).

People often say, “Why the hell is everybody hating on Tebow?!” It’s not Tebow’s fault — it’s the sports media for throwing Tebow in everybody’s faces, and it works, because everybody’s biting into the bait, so ESPN’s making bank on that. Congrats to the Worldwide Leader.

  1. Love this post and your objective opinion. I like Tebow, but I agree, he’s not a good passer, he is a great leader and the media is the problem. I have gotten so sick of sports lately, I don’t even watch. ESPN totally disgusts me. Being a VCU fan all of my life, they really talked a lot of smack about them – then when they had their run – Bilas couldn’t bring himself to say anything good about them. I am a Christian, but I am sickened by some of the things I have seen posted in Christian circles. They are not helping his cause at all. Anyways, great post!

  2. Sara Teece said:

    I love Tim Tebow. But i know what youre saying. Nice blog!

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