Caffeine and Crank

I must admit one of my vices: I’m an adrenaline junkie. To put it very lightly, my insatiable need for caffeine is unreal. I like strong coffee with multiple shots of espresso, multiple energy drinks during the day, Sheets energy, BioFuel caffeinated popcorn, Perky Jerky (caffeinated beef jerky) or even caffeine pills.

I like anything that gets my heart pumping fast, that coerces endorphins to release from the body’s pores and sheer energy to be created.

That’s why I also love the movie Crank and its sequel Crank High Voltage. Neither movie is spectacular in a way that’s going to floor you because of the acting, but both movies feature unrealistic action that’s over the top in every way imaginable, and I love it for its sheer entertainment purposes. You know what it is and you should be able to accept and perhaps even respect it for what it is.


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