Clusters, Hellions and Christmas

I had a pretty damn good Christmas yesterday, I must say.

My family had Christmas dinner at my aunt’s house, and well, it was rowdy by the time I made the trip over. I love hanging out with my family, but I have an issue with a couple of them…

Two of my girl cousins (one’s 29; the other is 26)… the 29 year old has two kids (10 and 6), and the 26 year old has three kids (10, 7, and 3). I don’t mind the kids. As usual, kids will be kids, and they will raise hell and play and have fun. That’s all good. The problem is that, every year, they (cousins) come over, once, and it’s only on Christmas. They come over to eat, and to get the kids’ presents.

When I arrived at my aunt’s, the kids — almost in unison — said aloud, “Where’s our presents?” In an uncomfortable situation, I told them that I left them at my house. I scurried back to my place and couldn’t find a damn kids toy that I could have gave them. I drove to my mom’s house and she had a couple of toy motorcycles and a couple of kiddy flip watches.

I gave the boys the toy motorcycles and the girls the flip watches. When I gave the 7-year-old one of the toy motorcycles, he made a scrunched up sour face and asked me, “Is this all you got me?”

Miffed, I just smiled and walked away. You know, I see these two cousins in particular once a year. That’s it. They don’t give a shit about coming around or visiting any other time during the year, when they could, given they only live 5-15 miles away. It pissed me off over the ungrateful reaction he had. The spoiled brats got PlayStation 3s, iPod Touches and expensive cell phones for Christmases. Cool. Enjoy your toy motorcycles.

It’s just mind numbing. I know, I know… Christmas nowadays is all about commercialization so that we all go out of our ways to buy material possessions, and you know what? I’m not going to lie, folks — I’ve been materialistic in my life. I have some nice things that I value that are expensive materials. That’s the way it is. And I’m not pissed off at the kids (albeit I am a little bit for their ungrateful attitudes) — I’m irritated by their mothers.

Outside of that, it was a nice Christmas.

One of my other cousins, her kid is almost 3. He’s adorable, without a doubt, but he’s been raising hell. Going outside without a jacket, hitting people, getting pissed off and lying on the floor and banging his head against the floor when he isn’t getting what he wants. Man oh man, with the terrible threes coming up, the hell that will be raised is going to be astronomical. He’s beasting up.

It was a good Christmas, though. I’ve had a good time sitting down and shooting the shit with everybody.


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